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TestGen-EQ Test Generator

TestGen-EQ is a computerized test generator that lets you view and edit testbank questions, transfer questions to tests, and print the test in a variety of customized formats. Included in each package is the QuizMaster-EQ program that lets you administer tests on a computer network, record student scores, and print diagnostic reports. Both TestGen-EQ and QuizMaster-EQ are free to adopters of Addison Wesley, Benjamin-Cummings, Longman, and Allyn & Bacon textbooks. TestGen-EQ was developed by Tamarack Software, Inc. and is licensed exclusively by companies owned by Pearson Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of TestGen-EQ

The TestGen-EQ program provides these features and benefits:
  • Automatic opening of Testbank and Test windows
  • Two views of testbanks and tests which include outline view for easy navigation in addition to WYSIWYG view
  • A variety of methods to build tests including manual click-and-transfer, drag-and-drop, random selection, search filters **
  • Built-in question editor to modify or add questions to testbanks and tests
  • Customization of test layout, fonts, question order, headers and footers, page breaks **
  • Printing options to control answer blanks, workspace, number of columns, number of forms, answer keys **
  • Random number and text regeneration to provide a larger number of test questions
  • Symbol palettes and templates to assist in typing symbols and expressions that are not on the keyboard
  • Built-in graphing tool to create mathematical graphs
  • Info buttons to view summary information for a testbank or test **
  • Ability to import graphics and organize them in a graphics library
  • Export tests to HTML for web practice tests with feedback and test simulation with end-of-test scores
  • Save tests for use with QuizMaster-EQ for network testing
  • Built-in Help and Glossary
  • NEW! -- Tests created with TestGen-EQ 3.3 can be displayed and scored in a web page using the new TestGen-EQ Plug-in.

** New or improved feature in TestGen-EQ 3.2

Hardware Requirements

The TestGen-EQ program will run on Windows-based and Macintosh computers that meet the following minimum requirements:
Windows Computers
Windows 95/98/NT/2000 with 24 MB of memory
15-20 MB of hard disk space
3.5" floppy drive or CD-ROM drive
Color monitor
Windows-compatible inkjet or laser printer
Macintosh® Computers
Apple Macintosh computer with OS 7.5 or higher, 8.x, 9.x
24 MB memory
15-20 MB of hard disk space
3.5" floppy drive or CD-ROM drive
Color monitor
Compatible inkjet or laser printer

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