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Check out Levitin's work that is a foundation for this book!

* Dr. Dobb's Journal article: "A New Roadmap of Algorithm Design Techniques" by Anany Levitin
* SIGCSE 2002 presentation: "Using Puzzles in Teaching Algorithms" by Anany Levitin and Mary-Angela Papalaskari

“This text takes (grouping algorithms by design) to a whole new level."

"The manner in which algorithms are described with respect to both their structure (English language description, pseudo-code) and behavior (English language descriptions, execution trees) is excellent."
-University of Michigan

"The exercises provide a good mix of algorithm tracing, algorithm design, mathematical proof, and program implementation"
-University of Alabama

book Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Anany V. Levitin, Villanova University
ISBN: 0-201-74395-7 

Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
takes advantage of a new taxonomy of algorithm design techniques that has been developed by the book's author. The new taxonomy allows coverage of many classic algorithms that can not be presented in a consistent manner within the old taxonomy. Algorithm design techniques are treated broadly -- as general problem solving tools. In particular, their power is demonstrated by applying them throughout to solving popular puzzles (like those pictured on the front cover).

A style of presentation that emphasizes the understanding of ideas over excessively formal treatment makes this the most accessible book available. Clarity of presentation is achieved by a very careful exposition, based on the author's long experience in teaching algorithms to undergraduate and graduate students.

The book contains over 600 exercises, including some that take advantage of World Wide Web resources. It also includes hints to all the exercises to help readers achieve their goals.

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