Interactive Differential Equations
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How to use the Lorenz Equation: Phase Plane 0<r<320 Tool

Setting Initial Conditions

  • Click the mouse on the graphing plane to set the initial conditions for a trajectory.

Parameter Sliders

  • Use the sliders to set the value of the Rayleigh constant r, or (1/100ths).
  • Press the mouse down on the slider knob and drag the mouse up and down, or click the mouse in the slider channel at the desired value for the parameter.


  • [Clear] removes all the trajectories from the graphs.
  • [Clear Transients] removes all transient data without disrupting the active trajectory.
  • [Pause] stops a trajectory without canceling it.
  • [Continue] resumes the motion of the paused trajectory.
  • [XY] selects the xy phase plane.
  • [XZ] selects the xz phase plane.
  • [YZ] selects the yz phase plane.