Videos in PowerPoint don’t work when I move my presentation to another computer

Videos are always linked to from PowerPoint®. If you plan to move your presentation, ensure that any video files are stored within the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation.

To avoid linking problems with PowerPoint presentations that contain videos

  1. Choose (or create) the folder where you want to store your presentation and videos.
  2. Save your PowerPoint presentation to that folder.
  3. Copy or move video files to the same folder.
  4. Insert the movies into your presentation from that folder (Insert > Movies and Sounds > From File).
  5. When you move the PowerPoint file to another computer, be sure to move it together with all of its associated movie files. As long as you put them in the same folder as the PowerPoint file, the links are preserved and PowerPoint will be able to locate the videos when you view the slide show.

Tip: Follow the same procedure for any individual sounds you may also want to insert into your PowerPoint presentation.

This type of linking is different from inserting an embedded image into PowerPoint, where the image is actually copied into the PowerPoint file.

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